The Republic of Ostrowstein has settled, more or less comfortably, into its role as a modern democracy from


its earlier days as a seagoing colonial empire. A long series of internal reforms, as well as the constant threat of coups, lead to the country abandoning the older colonial model and adopting a much more regimented import-export based capitalism. Simply put, it is a massive trading power and has grown incredibly wealthy. Its colonial heritage is still readily apparent throughout the country, from the three stars symbolizing its former oversea holdings, and the wide ethnic diversity demonstrated throughout its peoples.

However, while on the surface it is an open-and-amicable society to numerous cultures and religions, it has demonstrated a more controlling nature. Immigration and border security are dominated by its Internal Security Department (ISD), which has publicly had no shame in calling itself a secret police. Further, to supplement its import-export based economy, Ostrowstein has implemented large programs dedicated to the petrochemical industry and considerable swaths of land are dominated by massive factories and refineries. While these factories are primarily dedicated to producing petroleum based goods for export, Ostrowstein has also openly adopted a vast chemical-weapons program. A major part of its defense, in fact, relies on quickly utilizing a debilitating response to any over-the-border incursion. To quote its defense minister Jansen van Gottlieb: “Any military power interested in forcefully coming into our land is welcome. So long as they don’t mind receiving at least a literal ton of nerve agent per vehicle they send our way.” This “defence through gas” method has force Ostrowstein to build specially protected housing complexes across its border region. Further, it has found a way to generate even more wealth by selling its chemical agents to interested buyers. Interestingly enough, while being a major petroleum exporter, roughly half of the country is actually powered through its domestic nuclear industry which has been expanding at a phenomenal rate.

Militarily, as stated before, Ostrowstein is dedicated to its own defense. The standing military (army, marines, navy, and air force) stands roughly at 105,000 strong. Ostrowstein also demonstrates a notable gender equality by demanding every single man and woman serves at least one year in federal military service, and owes at least six years of being part of a locally controlled militia. Considering its dedication to using chemical warfare, each citizen has also been thoroughly drilled in gas protection and decontamination techniques. Of course, this has led to a joke in its neighboring countries “How can you tell someone is an Ostrowsteiner? They bring a gas-mask to the beach.” Also, as part of its open trade policies, the nation has adopted the policy of “use what is best”. Therefore, it is not shy from utilizing equipment produced in other countries- just so long as it is easily modifiable and capable of being inserted into its existing logistic base.