Nikolvia (officially the Noble Federation of Nikolvia) is a federation made up of five parliamentary democracies under a constitutional monarchy located on the island of Nikolvia, located on both the Tulovsk and Sarut regions. The modern form of the Nikolvian state since 1913, after the overthrow of the Empire of the Kazunians, Novakians and Brozenians, an absolutist oligarchy.

For much of it's history, it has pursued a foreign policy of neutrality, though much of the nation has recently become divided on this decision, especially due to rising world tension between the three ideological alliances. This, in turn, has led to an increase in ethnic nationalism, manifesting in the establishment of various political parties advocating for secession and military intervention in the war.

Politics Edit

The nation of Nikolvia is known for it's vast political freedoms, allowing the availability of equal representation for all political ideologies and the personal freedoms to advocate their chosen political system.

However, this vast economic freedom is also the reason for it's many political issues. The vast number of political parties has led the Noble Federation to become a nation domestically divided and unified in name only by internal conflicts, which has only worsened as the global war progressed.

Another infamous aspect of Nikolvian politics is their open elections, such to the extent that a nation's leader could influence who will win each election. But since it's possible to influence an election through more insidious means...

Major Political Parties Edit

While the nation of Nikolvia includes a wide variety of different political ideologies represented in 28 recognised parties, the most popular ones are listed below:

  • Social Democrats of Nikolvia
    • Ruling Party
    • Preferred Bloc: Nonaligned (anti-war foreign policy.)
    • Ideology(s): Social democracy, democratic socialism
    • Preferred Autonomy of Gov't.: Unionism
  • For a Free Nikolvia
    • Opposition
    • Preferred Bloc: The Liberals (Wants to spread republicanism to non-democratic countries.)
    • Ideology(s): Republicanism, libertarianism
    • Preferred Autonomy of Gov't.: Federationism
  • Obrinerian Communist's League
    • Opposition
    • Preferred Bloc: The Communists (Spread the revolution.)
    • Ideology(s): Maoism, Marxism-Leninism
    • Preferred Autonomy of Gov't.: Obrinerian nationalism
  • Vekharian Absolutist Party
    • Underground Party
    • Preferred Bloc: The Fascists (To bolster the economy and assert absolutism on enemies.)
    • Ideology(s): Absolutism (Not-Rexism)
    • Preferred Autonomy of Gov't.: Vekharian nationalism