The Democratic Republic of Harambe is a nation in Berbera most notable for its history as the center of power for the former Empire of Harambe.

The Empire of Harambe was an empire that controlled much of the continent of Berbera from the early 1800s to the mid 1900s. Although it was monarchical, with hereditary rule and a large class of landed aristocrats, bureaucratic difficulty and the increasing irrelevance of the imperial court would eventually lead to its downfall as separatist movements turned to international actors for trade, military support, and ideology. Civil war has since ravaged much of Harambe's former territories, and economic stagnation and political corruption has moved to take over as governments find themselves taken over by military leaders.

Harambe was however at one point one of the largest and most innovative military producers in the world. Unfortunately many of those weapons have found their way into the hands of opportunists and criminals, and innovation has since come to a halt.